Monday, January 14, 2013

Play at Work - Setting up the play Room

Setting up The Play Room

No parameters, no direction, no structure, what to to do?
Thinking differently,
doing first making first
different to thinking on paper first

build something we can get into
work together to build a round meeting space
change the structural methods in the process

a low house with an outhouse
a moon to look through
aerial connector for messages
a helicopter runs down it

gaining confidence to pursue ideas
open-ended to find out what might happen

cardboard, wool, wood shavings
tables, tape, bubble wrap
paper, chairs, pole, cotton

tubs of rags

Paul Rand and the play instinct Design Dialogues at
Huizinga's book Homo Ludens play
“Play is tense,” says Johan Huizinga. “It is the element of tension and solution that governs all solitary games of skill.”
Palle Nielsen's The Model the importance of having fun

experimentation cannot happen without play

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