Saturday, January 12, 2013

Play at Work - Research Residency Leeds Metropolitan University

Play at Work  - Robinson Stirling

Research Residency Leeds Metropolitan University
Employability and Enterprise Fortnight.
Broadcasting Place  A401

14th January - 24th January  (Mondays - Thursdays  11.30 - 3pm)

Practice-based research project investigating the role, function and possibilities of play across creative practices and work environments through action and production. Discussion every day between 1 and 2.30pm.

14th January - Setting up a Playroom
15th January - Chance and Creative Practice
16th January - Walk the Talk. Role play, scrap heap mock-ups, cultural probes. 10 - 1pm
17th Januray - Play in Domestic and Health Work Settings
21st January - Digital Play
22nd January - Storytelling
23rd January - Open Studio
24th January - Play Faces. Playful artefacts. 10 - 1pm.
                        Taking down the Playroom. 2-3pm.

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