Wednesday, November 5, 2014



“Our philosophy and the people we work with shape the things we do”

The freedom of play and its importance for all ages
Everyone can be an artist
Equality through non-hierarchical collaboration
Art as a platform for people’s voices
Objects as tools for performance and action
Exploring ways of communicating

Equal  Share  Trust  Listen  Open  Take Part  Don’t Stop Playing

TAPE                                                   ACTION

DIY                                                      EQUALITY
URGENT                                            FEMINIST
IMMEDIATE                                      WOMAN
QUICK                                                 IDENTITY
RECYCLED                                        TRUST
EQUAL                                                INTERGENERATIONAL

FORGET FEAR                                    COMMUNITY
UNDAUNTING                                    SELF
EMBOLDENING                                 REASON

TOGETHER                                         EMBODIED
LOSE                                                   NON VERBAL
HIDE                                                   PLAY

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