Thursday, May 10, 2012

Glasgow International

The Dialogue of a Hands
An interactive sculpture park made in a previously disused outside space at Glasgow City College: East Gymnasium
(The invigilators said that students had not really known the space was there and was available)
Immediately on our arrival an invigilator gave us a map of the space.
They invited us to 'have fun, do what we want, explore, interact....'

We walked straight towards the big yellow tubes and discovered they were drums and played..
The sunny end of the park was next to a busy road surrounded by incredible 60s architecture.
We then went our separate ways and played independently in the space and with all the interactive elements.
Characteristically I noticed all the things that weren't 'sculptures' and all the things we weren't allowed to do...
Behind the invigilators' 'shed' were mops, watering cans, pots of paint, brushes...The invigilators said they weren't part of the show.

Hanging on hooks on the side were beautiful curtains, flags, to interact with...We could attach linen 'flags' 'curtains' 'shields' (with press studs) to the Wooden climbing frame /wendy house structure...
The perimeter was made up, of buildings and tall metal fencing that supported the young tree which were part of the park
(the college was considering buying the trees according to an invigilator)

Children arrived and rushed straight towards the large yellow tubes which had kettle drums attached the noise made was marvellous, loud and fun. You couldn't climb through the tubes or climb on them which was frustrating.

The beautiful sculptures were inviting and safe.
The space was big enough for children to run around, play hide and seek, chasing...
During the duration of the show there had been a session for children to make a invigilator said that this had been a lovely event with lots of children wearing their cape and chasing each other around the space. I wanted to wear a cape...I wanted to make a lasting mark...

Hopefully the park will stay there forever and children will find out about it and it will be a regular non invigilated space....or maybe just the students from the college will use the sapce more with or with out the park.....

'The East Gymnasium, which despite its city centre location, is hidden from view and previously unused, will be landscaped in homage to the 1960s environments of Brazilian artist Helio Oiticica, using natural materials and plants, as in Oiticica's seminal participation project Eden (Whitechapel Gallery, London, 1969). The exhibition will also reference Palle Nielsen's famous Model for a Qualitative Society (Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 1968) which similarly explored the boundaries between art/play, control/freedom and adulthood/childhood.' Three Blows

Later on we went and played on Jeremy Deller's was really warm, really busy, really big...just ace we played hide n seek and a little boy told me off for going to near the edge...

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